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  • Introducing myself

    Dear surfers,

    Welcome to my blog! The idea for this blog has been around for a while, and then it took a while longer more to register and set up an account. But you don't really need to know this.

    So what is my blog all about? Well for starters, there's nothing in particular, but as the blog subtitle says, it's all about (my thoughts and experiences) in life, lust, love, women...and er, good old whoring (as, in, I'm a client, not the whore) - yes, that's one of the reasons why my blog is part of the SEX community in Blogspirit, and at least half of my posts will be in the NC-16 category, at least text-wise.

    I'm male and in the late 20s - early 30s age group. My background, nationality and occupation are not important or relevant, and I'll be using lots of pseudonyms and masking a lot of information in my posts, in order to protect both the guilty and the innocent.

    But I don't live my life through my posts, and I've included links to some bloggers in the columns to the left; sex-related blogs that, if they are not obvious to readers by their titles, then they will be once you read them. Their blogs are more interesting than mine (at the moment!) and they write pretty well too. I will do proper introductions to them later on.

    In the meantime, I'm signing off. But I will be back.

    Stay sane, and stay tuned!


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