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  • My funny valentine

    lady1.jpgAs soon as I entered the club I walked to the general direction of the bar.  

    But not before looking out for De and then, catching sight of her, veering for the intercept. She gave me a smile that was tired but spoke volumes; we said hi, and kssed each other on both cheeks.

    "You just arrived?" De said in her noticeable Russian accent, though slightly tempered with years of speaking English.

    "Yes, just," I said, looking at my watch.

    I looked at her nearly-full bottle of Heineken and told her that I was going to get my drink. She nodded and indicated she wasn't going anywhere.

    I came back with my beer and sat down beside her, the high bar stools angled in such a way that we faced each other with one knee touching. It wasn't close enough for my liking, but I didn't see the need to adjust the stools just yet...I was happy to see her, and I guess she was happy to see me. After all, we'd arranged to meet and she promised me then that she would have a present for me. 

    For this was Valentine's Day.

    But I did not hold De to that promise. I was just glad she was here. And the worse things were the awkward silences between us, as she alternated between not speaking to me and telling me that it was okay for me to walk around the club and look for other girls.

    Well I did want to look at other women there, but I didn't want any of them. My mind was pondering whether I should ask her home...I just wanted her company, and if we went back to my place, I could actually give her my Valentine's gift which I'd left at home.

    I met De at the club a few weeks before. I was with Bud and out hunting, staying mostly at the 'Russian corner'. I started speaking to De and in the meantime, Bud found himself two other Russkis. I'd settled on De (and she on me), and we all proceeded to Bud's place for more beer and a game of pool. We played Russian pop and rock on MP3, drank and played pool, and had a generally nice preamble to the real festivities. I used Bud's spare room for myself and De (while Bud of course was enjoying his threesome next door). I found De a bit too hardened but still sweet enough for me (and to me), and I liked her (I still do). We exchanged phone numbers, and I was sure I'd call her again. And I did. For my funny Valentine's Day.     

    But back to the present.

    After two hours or so - by which time I'd spotted and said hello to a Kazakh girl and a Thai girl I knew who were also working their rounds in the club; I thought I'd nearly lost De to another potential customer when I saw him talking to her; and I danced with De after one of her good friends had a mini-reunion with her by shoving me aside with tears flowing (her friend, not De)  - the night was getting a bit late for me, and I decided to take De home.  

    She took her things from the locker, and handed me a plastic bag with a soft toy inside.

    "Your present," she said.

    "Wow." I was quite floored that she actually had something for me. I really did not expect this.

    In the taxi we relaxed into each other's company. Both of us were definitely tired, De more evidently so. We reached my apartment building and the guards gave me wide grins at seeing me and a white chick with dark blond hair, shorter than me but her bustyness showing through beneath her halter-neck top. I smiled sheepishly and did not look directly at those guys, but in reality I was too tired to care.

    Somehow we made it into my room, and managed to take off our shoes and fumble onto the bed without turning on the main light in my little studio apartment. I gestured, for her benefit, to where the toilet and shower was, and turned on the air-conditioning. And then we laid down on my bed, fully dressed, and made small talk.

    She was so tired that she wasn't being coherent or making meaningful conversation, so after a while I shut up and did some non-verbal communication: I gently nuzzled her cleavage with my half-day's growth of a goatee, while putting my hand under blouse and fondled her breasts. Every time after I nuzzled her, she rubbed the spot where I did so - which was actually quite amusing to observe, at least for the first few times. 

    Sometime before we both fell asleep, we established that she was going to stay till after dawn; even though I wanted her to go after a few hours, I decided that there was no point sticking to my original plan. She wanted to stay longer, and that was that.

    Then we fell asleep, fully clothed, a tangle of blankets and hair, just beside each other. 

    Somehow, sometime in the morning when it was already light, we managed to wake up. De had to go. She went to the toilet to freshen up, her sleepiness still showing through after she came out. I kept the curtains closed, for the both of us. I told her I had something for her, and produced the soft toy I got for her. 

    She found it cute and lovely, and kissed it.

    "Hey, now kiss the real thing," I half-demanded, half-pleaded.De.jpg

    Without any hesitation, De turned to me and gave me a peck on my lips. I responded in kind but was disappointed that it wasn't a full kiss. I reckoned that she wasn't in the mood due to a few things, like the fact that she probably hadn't brushed her teeth for at least 12 hours!

    But it was fine by me. Although I didn't exactly have a restful night, I was glad I spent it with her. I helped her gather her things and walked her out to the main road to grab a taxi.

    Before De got into one, I made sure to kiss her goodbye. "I'll call you again, soon," I said.

    And I did.

  • Musings and updates

    I've been in a strange sort of mood lately, where even the prospect of sex doesn't really cheer me up. Maybe it's because I've been meeting new people, non-working girls who remind me that life is more than just about hooking up with...hookers. Or maybe it's because I've come across things I can't have, and it's making me want.

    Maybe it's catching a glimpse of the top of lacy, translucent panties belonging to a slim, young-ish chick while she was squatting down to adjust a power socket connection, and yet knowng that I'll never be able to maintain any type of connection with her (long story) is making me want. The fact that she wears glasses which only enhances her cuteness doesn't hurt either - think sexy librarian...or secretary.  

    Or maybe I'm thinking too much.

    So on to the serious stuff.

    I've updated my weblinks. I've taken away a defunct website and added two to replace it. Girl with a One-Tracked Mind is a British/English girl working in the film industry who shares interesting experiences and vignettes about her life, including of course sexual thought and experiences.

    Then there's US escort Clandestine Call Girl, who shares intimate thoughts about her work and life; and she's married!  But it may not seem for long, though...she's gone through quite a few ups and downs since she started blogging. And I thought my life was complicated.

    That's all for now, but stay tuned. More posts coming up later.