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  • An important request !

    Dear faithful readers,

    In the course of writing this blog, it has occurred to me that I should have a greater variety of content here.

    Not that there isn't already variety in my blog, but I've been looking through the old entries since the start, and I've realised that there is definitely room for improvement. I mean, I'm sure that my readers would like to read about things other than my sexual exploits. After all, this is a 'sex blog' (for want of a better term), and in my view, there is more to a sex blog than stuff centred on me.

    So I have this important request to make of my readers or even browsers who come to my blog: what else would you like to read or see here? Bear in mind that I have to maintain a balance between my true personal experiences and known facts, and my observations and how I feel, as well as putting in that 'right' amount of style and verve in my writing without making it (too) sensationalistic or exaggerated. It is a balance that I have to, and will continually, strive for.

    So, without further ado, here are some suggestions:

    1) Commentary on sex issues based on personal experiences, both mine and other people's (friends', other bloggers', etc.)

    2)  Current and up-to-date reports on sex 'news' from around the world.

    3) Book, movie, comics and website reviews - all sex- and women-related of course. (I've done a bit of these here, though not as much as I'd like to.) 

    4) More photos and pictures to accompany my posts. And photo essays as well!  

    That's all I can think of for now. In the meantime I will continue with 'regular programming' and incorporate some of my own suggestions and other ideas.

    Please feel free to comment with your suggestions, thoughts etc. Try to do it before comments are closed for this post...although it's okay to comment in later posts as well - better late than never! Spike, Kim and Ashke/Saffire - I'll be counting especially on you! Cheers...

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  • The Ides of March and the beginning of April

    "Beware the Ides of March"
    - Shakespeare, in Julius Caesar.

    That line from the famous play may sound foreboding and sinister, but the "Ides" is just one of a dozen or so ides occurring in a year, every month or so. It is the 15th day in March, May, July and October, and it is the 13th day in the other months of the year.

    I can't remember exactly what happened on my Ides of March, but it's been just over two weeks since then, and the start of April now. But I know what happened around the ides of March.

    Blogging here has been non-existent in March because of work commitments and the mental (and physical) exhaustion that accompanies every single day after work, even when I'm supposed to be off from work on weekends. Perhaps that is why something happened to me over the month of March.

    Call it the results of stress, or the culmination of a long-running subconscious desire, or merely something that is long overdue. What ever you call it, it was a surprise to me when I found myself falling into the "role" of a fuck buddy, and of course aquiring my counterpart in the form of an ex-colleague. I don't really know how it happened. It just did.    

    It started out a month or so ago with us hanging out together and drinking, proceeding from one bar to another, until the alcohol, music and our horniness got to us and put us in the mood for making out in our little corner of a bar. We didn't sleep together that night. But we did so the next night.        

    I've known her for two years, more or less, and I've never thought of sleeping with her. But we were both single and even though not the best of colleagues when we were working together, we'd remained on good terms after the working relationship dissolved into a more amicable friendship.

    She's not my type for a girlfriend, and never will be. Here in Thailand we are just giks, or known in English simply as "fuck buddies". But she's tender, and we go out for dinner and watch movies and the like, and what we have in bed could almost be described as making love. I'm not sure how long we will last; I'm not sure if I care.

    Enough of the "deep" thoughts and reflections. My next posts will be back to regular programming about hookers (And dating them. Yup.).