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Scattered collages

medium_Leila.2.jpg"How do you like it...what do you like? D'you want me to hold you" - my hands on her upper thighs, close to both her buttocks and hips - "hard, or soft?"
"As you like," she said, her voice husky from the exertion and desire of the moment. And I knew she meant it.

And I'm back once more. Sorry I haven't been writing for over a month. Again. (There's no real excuse, but let me tell ya that the combination of travelling for work, the work itself and "blogger's block" is detrimental to keeping a blog regularly updated. Yup, and it happened to me.)

My blogger's block hasn't completely disappeared. So for now, in lieu of writing something truly coherent, to present "scattered collages" of what I intend to or might write in time to come.

The women of ancient Rome are the real power behind the throne.
Against their wiles and charms and powers of seduction, no dictator or would-be conqueror can stand against them. They work behind the scenes, and carry out their schemes...

Okay, how can a collage get more scattered than it usually is already? Or am I using inappropriate or downright erroneous word combinations?

When she stripped off her skirt, she looked a very appealing picture with her black spaghetti straps and bikini briefs. I stepped up to put my arms around her waist, going lower down to her hips. As I rested my hands there she nudged me gently and told me that she had to take a shower first. I smiled like an eager schoolboy and said, "Yes, okay, you first..."

I seemed to have spent more time looking at women than actually getting laid. Call it being picky. Call it saving money (and time, and effort). Call it just being plain lazy. But sometimes I enjoy the eye candy more than unwrapping and *ahem* eating the candy in the privacy of my own room. Or call it the thrill of the chase, even if the hunter doesn't always gets the prey - or wants to.

Her eyes seemed to light up when she saw me. And apparently she'd asked my friend about me when he went to the club amedium_Natalia.jpg couple of weeks previously. She smiled and we started making conversation...and ended up slow dancing to a currently popular and tacky pop ballad I would otherwise never even want to listen to. When we went home together later, it was all worth it.  

The above are presented in no particular order...and I might write about them later in no particular order. But do stay tuned.  

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