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  • Flashback: 21, blonde student, nice, sweet adult.

    The young woman who advertised herself as a 21-year-old blonde lived in an apartment building on a gentle slope that ran down to the harbour area.

    I was buzzed into the building after I confirmed my name and time of appointment, and as I stood in the lift, I thought back briefly on our conversation over the phone. Two conversations, actually. The first was my initial call to inquire about her rates and obtain a brief introduction of her. She also said that she had to go to the bank and was wondering if she could call me back later to confirm when or even if she could make an appointment with me. The second conversation was when she called back later that day.

    The appointment was made.

    She answered the door in a satin blouse and a short skirt. What she wore related to her ad in the papers...something to the effect of looking good in satin and skirts. She was petite and on the voluptuous side, had a sweet smile, and looked happy that I kept the apppoinment. I was sold.

    Nicole (not her real name, obviously) ushered me in and offered me a drink. It was a relatively warm day and I gladly accepted a glass of cold water. We started to chat and bit by bit, I found out a bit more about her; student at one of the local universities, much of the nice stuff in the apartment owned by her boyfriend (...yup). She was studying science with a major in some kind of specialist biological science. We chatted a bit about that.

    It occurred to me that she was quite smart. And intelligent. Now we just had to work on our chemistry. (Alright...sorry for the bad pun.)

    It didn't take long for me to be shown to the shower and after I finished, nearly dried up with my towel around my waist. Nicole was already wrapped in a towel of her own, around her delectable self; any feelings of arousal I had just increased at the sight of her. It didn't hurt that she was smiling at me, a nice sweet smile too. It was almost as if she really liked me.

    Of course, it didn't really matter.

    young blonde.jpgNot when the rest of the time was a blur...but a nice one. I remember the room she showed me to. There were two, and I had a feeling that this one was mostly for first-timers to her services. I remember her voluptuousness and softness, and her willingness to accomodate me (but I honestly wasn't demanding). I remember kissing her breasts as I came, her scent enveloping me as she moaned.  

    The chemistry was definitely there.

    She was so sweet that she even showered with me and rubbed me down. (I'm tempted to say, "Now that's what I call service!" It's become a cliche statement, but in this it was true.)

    I left her apartment that afternoon, not just another satisfied customer, but a satisfied man because of the attentions of a sweet, smart university student who was working as an escort...but I suspected that regardless of what she did in life, she would go far.