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Posting update

Apologies for my lack of postings.

It's been a bad couple of months for me and I hope it'll get better. It's not that I don't have things to write about, but bloggers' block, coupled with general tiredness and stress from work, has been htting me badly.

In the meantime, a few other updates from the blogosphere.

Spike of Hongkie Town has decided to give up writing about his adventures on the night side of Hong Kong picking up women from bars. After some soul-searching, he's renamed his blog "Hongkie Town Redux" and is now writing about the other passions in his life, like music, movies and entertainement-related news and technology. I wish him all the best in whatever he writes about, but I hope he spices his posts now and again with stories about his encounters with women of the night, or otherwise.

Postmodern Courtesan's latest post clarifies some importants things about escorting, for readers as much as for women who had been contacting her about doing such work.        

And Girl with a One-Tracked Mind has posted about her newly-published book on her sexual and intimate life.


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