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  • Things you're sick of hearing about your ex after you've broken up*......

    ......and showing her photograph to your friends.


    "Wow, she's hot."

    (yeah, whatever.)

    "Your girlfriends seem to get better-looking over the years."

    (I know, pity she's not my girlfriend anymore. Or any of the others.)

    "Wow, she's hot!" How come you're not together anymore?"

    (I know, dude; you don't have to remind me.)

    "So why did you guys break up?"

    (It's a long, sad, stupid story.)

    "Wow, she's hot...how did you get someone like her??"

    (It doesn't bloody matter how I got her...we're not together now, are we??)

    "Since that didn't work out, I think you need to find somone else who's different..."

    (This takes the bloody cake. You know that's not the !@#$% point!)


    Apologies for this side-trip into memory and sentimentalism. Back to regular programming soon, I promise.


    * Not the one here. One before that.