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  • Beauty


    I don't remember exactly how we ended up at the hotel coffee shop, Bud and I. We settled in there, not quite in a corner but also not at the centre of attention either. We left that to the women sitting around us.
    Sometimes a night on the town turns out to have consequences. Sometimes (very rarely) I have no recollection of how I end up, where I end up, at the end of a night. Fortunately these incidents have always turned out well. Well, except for massive hangovers and feeling sick the whole day.
    But this wasn't one of those nights, although it came close. 
    After some ogling and discussion, followed by eye contact and then signaling to beckon them over, two women sat with us eventually - a blonde and a brunette. It was a bit awkard at first, talking to the both of them and deciding which one I 'should' take.
    "So where are you from?" I asked. 
    "Ukraine," said the blonde. And she smiled, showing almost a full set of gold-filled teeth.
    "Uzbekistan," said the other, who looked it.
    I glanced at Bud.
    "Whoa, the brunette's got really big tits," he reminded me in a stage-whisper. 
    The blonde smiled again. I couldn't get away from the gold sheen of her teeth. She still had a nice, warm smile. She was no great beauty, but really didn't look too bad either. I'd also read vaguely somewhere that there were interesting socio-cultural reasons for why people from her part of Europe had gold teeth fillings, something that I can't remember as I'm writing this.
    Something about status, necessity, or even beauty. It was something I could get used to, at least on her.
    She seemed really keen. And even though I prefer brunettes, I felt really keen too, as evidenced by something I felt stirring on my lower torso. I said goodbye to the Bud and the other girl, and there I was.
    When we got to a short-time hotel nearby, I started embracing her and she reciprocated, madly. I started with kissing her forehead and cheeks, and before I had properly moved to her mouth, her lips were on mine and we were both wet and moist between our mouths...and eventually down below too. 
    With further ceremony or even thought, we began stripping each other, until we were completely naked and she moved down and began licking and sucking me. You might think it would be weird for me to protest as this point, but I did. 
    "But...wait...I haven't washed..." I tried to say. [she neither]
    "And, so?" She retorted, merrily carrying on.
    We moved onto the bed and she continued pleasuring me. I tried to caress her as much as I could and give something in return, but under the circumstances there was only so much I could actually do.
    "I'm...I'm going to come...", I said quite feebly after a short while.
    "Yeah okay...okay, do it," she said, in between mouthfuls and intervals for air. She was really enjoying it, it seemed.
    I couldn't help thinking of her gold teeth fillings, resplendent across her entire mouth...and then it happened. A gush, several spurts. A sigh (from me). 
    After we both washed up, we lay back on the bed. The Ukrainian was really warm to me, and not just physically. Without me asking, she snuggled up to me and I cradled her in my arms. As I was dozing off, it occured to me that in my sleepiness and the time we had left in the room, there wouldn't be time (or energy on my part) for Round 2.
    Drifting off to sleep, I thought briefly about her gold teeth fillings and more importantly, of her nicely warm body pressed next to mine. Beauty, I reflected, was really in the eyes of the beholder, and was brought out not only or always by externalities, but but how people treat one another. She was certainly a beauty that night.
    We slept for about two more hours and before long it was already dawn. I said goodbye to her and left the room a little while later.
    Bud would joke with me later occasionally about the Ukrainian and her gold teeth, and I would always smile at the memory.