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  • Most "desirable" time, without the cuddling

    I couldn't help but chuckle when I read this article on the "adequate" or even most "desirable" time needed to have sex. This was after a survey done on a random sampling of North Americans:

    The best sex should last between seven and 13 minutes, and even three-minute sex is "adequate", a major survey of US experts has concluded.

    But Australian sex therapists commenting on the new research say most men Down Under wanted it to last considerably longer while most women were "not bothered" if it was over with fast.

    The sex study is the first to review what the experts believe is the ideal length of time to have penetrative sex, with the random sample of Americans and Canadians labelling seven to 13 minutes most "desirable".

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    The thing about such surveys, however, is that they are usually silent on one crucial thing: that even though the most adequate or desirable time required for sexual intercourse tends to be relatively short, they don't account for the cuddling after the act. Cuddling, as far as I understand and have experienced it, is usually required of their partners by most women.

    Guys, take it from me - you better cuddle her (for heterosexual couples) afterwards. This is something you should always remember and try to do, because your sex life (at least for with the same woman) may depend on it! 

    Making small talk or chatter in the afterglow, however, is optional. Hah. 


    Hat tip: Steve 

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