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  • American co-eds

    I'm not a fan of American college life (if you don't count the guilty pleasure I take in watching American Pie 1, 2 & 3). I don't normally post - in fact I've never posted - pictures of slutty, oops, I mean...busty, leggy, and otherwise gorgeous American co-eds.

    But when Steve posted this a while ago, it was too hard to resist. So here it is. (Damn, I'm grateful, but I've got to start relying less on others...)

    Hottest Student Bodies (Popcrunch)

    Some of the pictures in the website are not really of college students. But some of their alumni more than make up for it. Watch out for the one at the end of the samples below.



    That's Jill Wagner above, the female lead in the one-season Blade: The Series. She's also starred in Stargate Atlantis.

    She's a graduate of North Carolina State University or something...when she looks like *that*, I really, really don't care :-)