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  • Tagged: Six random things about That Saucy Bastard

    I've been tagged! This is courtesy of Livvy The English Courtesan, who cheekily granted me "permission for me to do it in pictures...but only if they're hotties."

    Hmmm...I'll take her up on that.

    The rules are:

    - Post the rules of the six random things tag on your blog
    - Write six random things about yourself in a blog post
    - Tag six people of your own
    - Link to each person you tag
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    - Let the person who tagged you know your entry is up

    So, here are six random things about me:

    It may not seem like it (what with all that money for sex), but I'm a sentimental guy at heart, really. For example, I believe in pearls for...err, an oyster a girl:


    That Saucy Bastard (that would be me) chose this monikor almost at random. In fact I was nearly out of ideas at the time. Suffice to say, I may be saucy, but I don't believe I am a bastard. Not by parentage. And not on most days, anyway. So pretty lady, would you play with me? I'll be nice, I promise...

    (and she thinks, "Hmmm...")

    Yours truly has a weakness for beautiful older women. Here's one of my favourites - they can't get more beautiful than her (UPDATED May 14):


    Here's some more of Monica Bellucci.


    4. I have never had a pet, and I later found out I was allergic to fur (and carpets) anyway. But I appreciate other types of companions, fur and carpets notwithstanding.



    5. This is another random thing.


    I have my moods. Sometimes I dream. And think thoughts like, "The human race is not yet free."
    (With apologies to Ben Okri)


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    Hope to hear from/see you!