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  • New type of pornography?

    I came across these couple of articles on a "new" kind of pornography, written by Regina Lynn of Wired's Sex Drive and then with a sort of follow-up by Bonnie Ruberg of The Village Voice.

    In 'Real sex tantalizes as processed sex gets boring', Lynn talks about the radically different types of porn which go against the mainstream of fake boobs, fake scenarios, fake orgasms and faking turning each other on ('chemistry' is the word she used).

    She's referring to Australian amateur site abbywinters.com (NSFW), where the models do everything from solo masturbation to girl-on-girl acts. And it's all realistic - no silicone breast jobs, porn-star make-up, or pretense at false attraction to sex partners on screen. The models, mostly Australian, also do very interesting, non-mainstream things like just chat with each other onscreen or do naked yoga exercises.

    Lynn writes about abbywinters among other diverse sites, but Bonnie Ruberg's piece 'Australian girls with pubic hair reclaim amateur porn' delves more into it. I reckon the title captures it all pretty well.

    So are these sites like what they claim?

    I'm not a member of any of these sites, so I can only access whatever free material they put out or what others upload in other free websites like pornhub etc. And it looks like abbywinters is the 'real' thing - au naturel boobs, bushes and all. Even the sexual chemistry on screen looks and seems like the real thing.

    If you're looking for glitzy, glamourous, American-made, American-style mainstream pornagraphy, then amateur sites like abbywinters.com are not for you. But it remains to be seen if abbywinters can continue to compete with more well-known mainstream websites for viewership, subscriptions and ultimately, profits and business viability.

    I wish them all the best.