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For some reason, this picture makes me smile

Who's your favourite gal? I know which one I like best......



  • Hi Rodrigo

    How are things? I like the one in the middle.

  • I am good, mate...well, as good as I'll ever be right now.

    My fave is the one on the right...very sweet-looking, yet there might be a hidden sensuality about her :)

  • Always after the innocent ones, eh? :-)

  • Hi Rodrigo

    I just wanted you to know that The Zen of Steve will be coming back very soon. I managed to recruit some friends to help with the blogging duties. This will free me for some of my other chores. I anticipate a return by this coming weekend.


  • Good to know you'll be 'back', so to speak. Looking forward to it.

    Oh, and yea...but more like the ones who may only *seem* innocent :)

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