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  • Monica

    The incomparable Monica Bellucci. I thought of featuring her again after I came across an article on her not long ago.

    Monica Bellucci 8.jpgThe Italian actress speaks about the true relationship between beauty and talent, and a bit of herself and some of her films, in the recent interview here:

    She has, understandably, given beauty a lot of thought. She's had to. She is arguably the world's most beautiful actress - even today. She turns 45 next month but looks more like 35 - not even the unforgiving bright sunshine of the French Riviera reveals any flaws.

    Full red lips, "shapey" figure as she calls it, long straight ebony hair, taut smooth complexion. If this is what middle age looks like, then bring it on.

    "I know that beauty invites a certain curiosity," she says, shrugging elegantly. "But as Oscar Wilde said, beauty is just five minutes long if you don't have anything else to sustain that curiosity.

    "I don't think that I would have made this kind of career if I was just beautiful. Directors don't call you for your beauty but for your talent."

    Monica Bellucci 5.jpg