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  • Lingerie football fantasy

    This is old news. but interesting. Heh.

    An article from the Daily Mail Online back in September 2011 featured news about English football club Newcastle United's launching their line of lingerie, an example of which is below:


    A blogger-columnist has an incisive take on it:

    "Ohhh, so this is the team merchandise women have been wanting to wear all these years -- little panties, bras,and suspender belts with their team's logo emblazoned on the buttocks. Why didn't anybody say anything sooner?

    Ooh, I know! 'Cause it's a crap idea, that's why! This isn't female soccer paraphernalia, it's still male soccer paraphernalia. I mean, when do women bust out their bustiers, thongs, and thigh-high stockings? When they're with dudes, having sexy time, that's when. Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, Newcastle United, but women don't unwind after a long day's work by slipping into a naughty nurse's costume. They slip into ripped sweatpants, a t-shirt, and no bra. And it's not like the ladies can wear any of this stuff to a game."

    Read the rest of it here.


    And then there was this little gem of an article from 2009, with accompanying photos, here: