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  • Science fiction...sex

    And now for something different.

    There is a lot of sex (and sexiness) out there in one of my other areas of interest: science fiction, or sci-fi. Over the last couple of years I've noticed some wonderfully creative and salacious material out there.

    EVer since the production of the 1956 sci-fi thriller Forbidden Planet, science fiction has never been the same.


    Poster from Fim Forno

    Fast forward to the 1980s, and you have the memorable Princess Leia in a metal bikini...


    But if you're talking about a sub-genre called 'sci-fi porn' (pretty good write-up in the link), then 'Barbarella' (1968) starring Jane Fonda would be the first original one ever. Check out this clip of her in the Excessive Machine.


    There's also this piece on mainstream Hollywood making fun of cult-turned-mainstream Hollywood - in 'Zach and Miri Make a Porno', Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks spoof Star Wars (NSFW!). This article also has pictures from an artist who has drawn Star Wars 'porn' involving a varied cast of female characters, both major, minor and almost unknown.

    You'll never look at Darth Vader and Princess Leia, or pretty much any of the other characers, the same way ever again.

    (The above pic was just a preview...click on it to get to the artist's webpage.)
  • Steve got his Zen back

    Dear readers,

    I'm happy to announce that fellow Blogspirit blogger - or just fellow blogger - Steve of The Zen of Steve is well on his way to full recovery after surgery, and is starting to blog again.

    In the meantime, his partner E has been blogging on his behalf, and has become a quite a phenomenon (at least in my book) in her own right. I've been enjoying reading her posts, and it's also good news that E may be hanging around much longer to co-blog with Steve.

    Steve writes about, and links to tech, work, play, and life-in-general issues. He sources a lot of interesting and quirky stuff, and also writes personal stories and reflections.  E has been providing a feminine touch while Steve had been away recuperating.

    What are you all waiting for then? Go read his blog here now.

    Welcome back, Steve. You were much missed.

    (And welcome, E.)


    Oh yeah, and what's a post here without some tongue-in-cheek reference to beautiful women? Zen has got his Zen back, but I've yet to find mine. Although this picture will be a consolation for now: Michelle Zen.


    Photo and more about her from here.

  • Tagged: Six random things about That Saucy Bastard

    I've been tagged! This is courtesy of Livvy The English Courtesan, who cheekily granted me "permission for me to do it in pictures...but only if they're hotties."

    Hmmm...I'll take her up on that.

    The rules are:

    - Post the rules of the six random things tag on your blog
    - Write six random things about yourself in a blog post
    - Tag six people of your own
    - Link to each person you tag
    - Let each person know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
    - Let the person who tagged you know your entry is up

    So, here are six random things about me:

    It may not seem like it (what with all that money for sex), but I'm a sentimental guy at heart, really. For example, I believe in pearls for...err, an oyster a girl:


    That Saucy Bastard (that would be me) chose this monikor almost at random. In fact I was nearly out of ideas at the time. Suffice to say, I may be saucy, but I don't believe I am a bastard. Not by parentage. And not on most days, anyway. So pretty lady, would you play with me? I'll be nice, I promise...

    (and she thinks, "Hmmm...")

    Yours truly has a weakness for beautiful older women. Here's one of my favourites - they can't get more beautiful than her (UPDATED May 14):


    Here's some more of Monica Bellucci.


    4. I have never had a pet, and I later found out I was allergic to fur (and carpets) anyway. But I appreciate other types of companions, fur and carpets notwithstanding.



    5. This is another random thing.


    I have my moods. Sometimes I dream. And think thoughts like, "The human race is not yet free."
    (With apologies to Ben Okri)


    The following people have been tagged, and they happen to be three guys and three gals:

    The Zen of Steve

    Hongkie Town

    See Lai

    Asian Sweetheart


    Mercurial Girl

    Hope to hear from/see you!

  • Well, if I can't be good...

    A text message from an ex-colleague who'd just left my workplace (edited and truncated for brevity):

    Wish you to be good and happy forever.

    Well, I'll do my best about the latter, but I can't guarantee anything about the former ;-)

    Thanks J, hope you find success and happiness in all that you do.


    P.S. even with the editing, English isn't her first language, alright? Cut her some slack. The important thing was to get the point across.

    (Apologies to everyone again for the very light posting...will post more again soon.)

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  • Posting update

    Apologies for my lack of postings.

    It's been a bad couple of months for me and I hope it'll get better. It's not that I don't have things to write about, but bloggers' block, coupled with general tiredness and stress from work, has been htting me badly.

    In the meantime, a few other updates from the blogosphere.

    Spike of Hongkie Town has decided to give up writing about his adventures on the night side of Hong Kong picking up women from bars. After some soul-searching, he's renamed his blog "Hongkie Town Redux" and is now writing about the other passions in his life, like music, movies and entertainement-related news and technology. I wish him all the best in whatever he writes about, but I hope he spices his posts now and again with stories about his encounters with women of the night, or otherwise.

    Postmodern Courtesan's latest post clarifies some importants things about escorting, for readers as much as for women who had been contacting her about doing such work.        

    And Girl with a One-Tracked Mind has posted about her newly-published book on her sexual and intimate life.


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  • Scattered collages

    medium_Leila.2.jpg"How do you like it...what do you like? D'you want me to hold you" - my hands on her upper thighs, close to both her buttocks and hips - "hard, or soft?"
    "As you like," she said, her voice husky from the exertion and desire of the moment. And I knew she meant it.

    And I'm back once more. Sorry I haven't been writing for over a month. Again. (There's no real excuse, but let me tell ya that the combination of travelling for work, the work itself and "blogger's block" is detrimental to keeping a blog regularly updated. Yup, and it happened to me.)

    My blogger's block hasn't completely disappeared. So for now, in lieu of writing something truly coherent, to present "scattered collages" of what I intend to or might write in time to come.

    The women of ancient Rome are the real power behind the throne.
    Against their wiles and charms and powers of seduction, no dictator or would-be conqueror can stand against them. They work behind the scenes, and carry out their schemes...

    Okay, how can a collage get more scattered than it usually is already? Or am I using inappropriate or downright erroneous word combinations?

    When she stripped off her skirt, she looked a very appealing picture with her black spaghetti straps and bikini briefs. I stepped up to put my arms around her waist, going lower down to her hips. As I rested my hands there she nudged me gently and told me that she had to take a shower first. I smiled like an eager schoolboy and said, "Yes, okay, you first..."

    I seemed to have spent more time looking at women than actually getting laid. Call it being picky. Call it saving money (and time, and effort). Call it just being plain lazy. But sometimes I enjoy the eye candy more than unwrapping and *ahem* eating the candy in the privacy of my own room. Or call it the thrill of the chase, even if the hunter doesn't always gets the prey - or wants to.

    Her eyes seemed to light up when she saw me. And apparently she'd asked my friend about me when he went to the club amedium_Natalia.jpg couple of weeks previously. She smiled and we started making conversation...and ended up slow dancing to a currently popular and tacky pop ballad I would otherwise never even want to listen to. When we went home together later, it was all worth it.  

    The above are presented in no particular order...and I might write about them later in no particular order. But do stay tuned.