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  • Flashback: The first Russian

    I've been meaning to write this for a while now. A very long time, in fact. 

    I've been hesitating...because this was one of those life-changing moments in life that you don't actually realise that were life-changing until many years later. 

    This was meeting my first Russian p4p (pay for play) gal, and from then on, I became a different man forever.

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  • The life of an unexpected voyeur

    The post title sounds more lewd than it is, but it really isn't.

    Because it all takes place in the mind. Allow me to explain.

    A long time ago, I read an article about how the writer, a guy, would fantasize about the women he saw in public places, mentally undressed them, and had sex with them. His basic point was that it was perfectly normal - more or less - to have those kinds of thoughts, and 'advised' women not to be surprised when complete strangers might have those thoughts.

    While he had different scenarios in mind, so did I, over the last few months. Except that it was a lot more closer to home - in the sense that these were women I know whom I was fantasizing about.

    Without further ado, here they are.

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  • Science fiction...sex

    And now for something different.

    There is a lot of sex (and sexiness) out there in one of my other areas of interest: science fiction, or sci-fi. Over the last couple of years I've noticed some wonderfully creative and salacious material out there.

    EVer since the production of the 1956 sci-fi thriller Forbidden Planet, science fiction has never been the same.


    Poster from Fim Forno

    Fast forward to the 1980s, and you have the memorable Princess Leia in a metal bikini...


    But if you're talking about a sub-genre called 'sci-fi porn' (pretty good write-up in the link), then 'Barbarella' (1968) starring Jane Fonda would be the first original one ever. Check out this clip of her in the Excessive Machine.


    There's also this piece on mainstream Hollywood making fun of cult-turned-mainstream Hollywood - in 'Zach and Miri Make a Porno', Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks spoof Star Wars (NSFW!). This article also has pictures from an artist who has drawn Star Wars 'porn' involving a varied cast of female characters, both major, minor and almost unknown.

    You'll never look at Darth Vader and Princess Leia, or pretty much any of the other characers, the same way ever again.

    (The above pic was just a preview...click on it to get to the artist's webpage.)
  • Flashback: Mandy. The farewell.

    Racy Redhead.jpgRed wine and a chilly spring day
    I bought a bottle of red wine. And a card to go with it. It was a crisp Saturday afternoon and I was going to show my appreciation to Mandy.

    It was the third and last time I would be seeing her (see here for the first).

    That afternoon started out like almost any other afternoon. It was a crisp spring day, and the weather was a bit too chilly for my liking.

    After lunch, I had called her to make an appointment. It was nearly as easy as making one with my dentist, except that I don't sleep with my dentist (and pay her for it), and I could get my appointment faster.

    A trip to the wine seller's was next in order.

    I chose I red wine...it's good for the heart, and nothing to do with Mandy being a redhead. There was some celebrating to do; or rather, it was a farewell. I was leaving the country for good, and it would be the last time I saw Mandy. She would also be the last working girl I saw before I left. That should count for something.

    So I got the wine. I hoped she would like it - both my gesture and the wine. It was my third and last time seeing her.

    Red wine, red hair
    She opened the door wearing a dress with little sequin-like decorations; the dress was a v-neck, sleeveless, bluish-grey and slightly 'shiney' one that came to just above her knees. She looked great.susan.jpg

    She was pleasantly surprised with my gift. We had some of the wine, and chatted. Very soon we moved to the bedroom, where we put our wine glasses down and I took a shower. We chatted some more after that, only having very short pauses in conversation for me to remove the little clothes she still had on - she was only in her bra and panties when I got out of the shower.

    I was in no rush, so we sipped wine and talked, lying down facing each other and touching one another. I kissed her neck, shoulders and breasts, savouring each moment. She didn't reciprocate that much but that was fine; her skin had its usual smoothness - waxed, creamed, or both, I never asked how.

    Every now and then I would cuddle up to her as we talked. She was as tall as me and even bigger boned, so it seemed natural that I did that. We talked about my life back home, her day job, and other things. Mostly it was inconsequential stuff, but it interesting nonetheless.

    Then we started, slowly, to have sex.

    I wouldn't say'make love'. There were not enough feelings or real affection between us for that. She still kept her professional escort's distance, and I know enough to be realistic about such things. But I enjoy her company and I think she enjoys our conversations, so we made a good 'professional' fit.

    But it was nice sex. We started with kissing for the first time - "I didn't know that you kiss," I said, to which she replied, "I didn't know that you kissed," - and then licking one another. I gradually became hard, she put a condom on and started to suck me. It was long before I was hard and she got on top of me. I sat up, grabbed her buttocks, hips, waist, back, cradling my head in between her breasts.

    She rode me till I came. Afterward, we lay in one another's arms, and talked some more. I felt almost sorry that I wouldn't be able to see her again as I was leaving the country for good soon, but it felt good being with her for the last time.

    It was a cold evening outside by the time I left. But inside I was feeling warmed to the heart.