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  • Former cabin crew go on strike, we get the(ir) benefits - NSFW

    This is news from two months back, but it's going to bring a smile to many of this blog's readers.

    Yahoo News has this story here about a Spanish airline's flight attendants who, after being owed up to nine months' pay because the airline had been 'grounded', decided to protest by stripping for a calendar. No kidding.

    There's at least 12 of them, one month for each calendar. And now, courtesy of this blog, we have all the pictures.

    So here's this month's treat, Miss June.

    I also like this one from February...
    And this one for December...

    h/t: Chandra Wijaya

  • Orthodox Christmas (7 January)

    Oops. I realised a wee bit too late that there was "another" Christmas, the one celebrated by the Eastern Orthodox churches on 7 January. This BBC article gives a good summary of it.

    Well, in order to make up for my missing it, here's another pic that I hope, in keeping with the core theme of this blog, sums up Orthodox Christmas for me...a pic representing Eastern European, Russian and even Central Asian women. And what could represent them more than what I know (and envision) these women to be - sweet, sexy, sultry. In Christmas-themed bikini underwear. Oh, and my personal preference for this representation - a brunette :)

    This is dedicated to all the lovely Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian women I'd ever met. Merry Christmas!


    Also, while we are celebrating Eastern Orthodox Christmas, check out this video from Russian girl-group Fabrika.

  • The Women of Rome

    The women of ancient Rome are the real power behind the throne. Against their wiles and charms and powers of seduction, no dictator or would-be conqueror can stand against them. They work behind the scenes, and carry out their schemes...


    If anyone enjoys historical movies or series with a modern yet fairly authentic 'edge', joint BBC-HBO series Rome is worth watching. The story moves from the fall of the Roman Republic and the rise of Julius Caesar, and to his death and the founding of the Roman Empire. 

    It stars a number of well-known and lesser-known, mainly British actors, some of whom have been seen in mainstream movies.

    In the first season, the locus of the story revolves around Caesar's ascension to power. He is played by Ciaran Hinds (Veronica Guerin, The Sum of All Fears) and supported by a cast that includes Polly Walker (Patriot Games) as his sister Atia and James Purefoy (Vanity Fair, Resident Evil) as Mark Antony.

    One of the most unique things about the series is how it portrays women as a kind of shadow government: influencing men and the politics of Rome behind the scenes in the home, and especially in the bedchamber. The powerful (and sometimes not-so-powerful) female characters strive to get what they want through their friendships and more particularly, familial and sexual relationships with the men around them. 

    Not everything is based on sex, but the women of Rome do use sex to get their way. And they enjoy having sex in order to do so (or not). Lots of it. 

    I'm not sure how much of the series is based on actual history, and how much is based on various degrees of conjecture and artistic license. But from the sexual and marital relationships depicted, it seemed that women did hold a certain amount of 'soft' power in Roman politics, and one wonders how much they could have actually influenced the course of history.

    I've also learnt that in those times, it was best not to piss certain women off, because they'd do things like set curses on a rival's entire clan and bloodline, get mercenaries or thugs to assassinate their enemies or beat them up, or take a man's most trusted subordinate as a lover partly to hedge her bets: in case he succeeds you as Tyrant/Consul, or he betrays you and usurps power, or gains political advantage (and raises her up) after you fall out of favour with the people - oh and by the way, she's your sister! 

    Those were definitely interesting things for women, and also dangerous times to be a woman, a woman of Rome.  

  • You can take the girl out of the village......

    Women can be clingy. No, I don't mean that they wear tight, clingy, slinky clothes that adhere to their bodies - though that can be nice.

    I mean that certain kinds of women, especially from Southeast Asian countries, have a way of clinging onto men. And they do it in devious ways. And when I say 'devious', I don't mean in an evil sort of way. For some of them, their thought processes simply work this way. For others, it's all about mind games - which is what I personally detest - though they may not perceive any possible negative effects or consequences for either or both parties. For others, its culture.

    Yes, culture. Like this European guy I know about in Thailand, who lives with his Thai girlfriend. He works, she doesn't (as far as I know). This is not an unusual situation. She learns enough English to communicate with him and his various English-speaking foreign friends and colleagues, he knows just about enough Thai to save his life (then again, maybe not). Again, not an unusual situation. In fact, downright normal in Thailand.

    Then it gets interesting. She wants to have his baby...and he doesn't. I guess he's not prepared for fatherhood, especially not in a single-income family where the only job-holder - him - isn't exactly earning him obscene amounts of money. (And personally I don't think he'll make a good father, full stop. But that's just me.)

    And here's the kicker...she doesn't allow him to go out with 'the boys' to drink or whatver, because she's afraid that he would fool around with other women (various waitresses, bargirls, etc.). Or at least, she has to be around with him. He obliges her because he claims to love her enough to do so (okay buddy, whatever rocks your boat), but she is actually restricting his personal freedom.

    I don't claim to be an expert of Thai society, but this behaviour is quite typical of Thai women. There is also a sub-cultural divide here - the village in contrast to the city; uneducated, low-skilled village people tend to have more particular and heightened insecurities than highly-skilled and cosmopolitan city folk. This young woman is acting in accordance to the general behaviour of people of a similar background or type: the insecurities, possessiveness, lack of confidence (in herself and in her man), and dependence on him for essential things (like the $$$/bahtbahtbaht). Which brings me to my point: you can take the girl out of the village, but you can't take the village out of the girl. You're in the big city now, honey. Deal with it. Or maybe not. It's up to you.

    Whew, I'm glad I don't have that kind of problem. In my limited (thank goodness) brushes with Thai women, I'm glad to say that I've never been in a situation similar to this guy's (not even close), and I never intend to be. No matter how sweet their smiles, how pliant their behaviour, or how willing their lips. It's just not worth it.