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  • Former cabin crew go on strike, we get the(ir) benefits - NSFW

    This is news from two months back, but it's going to bring a smile to many of this blog's readers.

    Yahoo News has this story here about a Spanish airline's flight attendants who, after being owed up to nine months' pay because the airline had been 'grounded', decided to protest by stripping for a calendar. No kidding.

    There's at least 12 of them, one month for each calendar. And now, courtesy of this blog, we have all the pictures.

    So here's this month's treat, Miss June.

    I also like this one from February...
    And this one for December...

    h/t: Chandra Wijaya

  • Hang out with hot women - Men, you'd stay alive longer

    Men's Health magazine has an interesting piece on how to live longer. And they sell it as the 'sexiest' ways to do so.

    One is to hang out with hot women, and another is to go on a wine-drinking trip to Chile (supposedly and preferably with a hot chick. But I'd do just fine with a bottle of Chilean red).


    For those on a tighter budget, hitting the beach or having 'moderate exercise repeated on a near-daily basis' seems like a good plan.

    But don't take my word for it. Check out the link to the (undated) article, and also the comments, some of which are also quite amusing.

  • World's horniest countries

    94a2c419358e31a04e428114dd4146b9.jpgAskMen.com has a recent feature on the world's top ten "horniest countries."

    Starting at Mexico at number ten, the countdown to number one held both surprises and non-surprises for me.

    The surprises included Switzerland and Malaysia (sort of). The ones I expected included Mexico, China, Russia and Brazil.

    What were the criteria? Well, it seemed that the writer(s) used the Durex survey rankings as their guide - in fact, "in line" with it. Rankings depend on how often or how much the people in each country had sex. 56c86bea2ef8fde37aa3dba5317f9dac.jpg

    They've also helpfully included, for each country, a list of nightspots to hit for picking up men and women -- especially women, if some venues or areas indicated for sex workers and freelancers are any signs.

    What I find interesting is that countries like Thailand didn't make it to the top ten. I mean, obviously Thais and others there weren't having enough sex! This was surprising, given that the country is known for its beautiful women and vibrant...entertainment and nightlife.

    (Picture courtesy of Asian Sweetheart)


    And the no. 1 country? Well, go to the AskMen.com listing to find out. But here's a clue, clad in traditional garb:

    Okay, that's British glamour model Keeley Hazell in faux-classical world wear. But still, any excuse for a sexy picture.
  • Two, three, more...

    Before this gets too old, I'll like to point out two (or more) excellent posts that I've come across via the blogosphere.

    The first is one from Spike of Hongkie Town, who just mentioned me as a referrer in this post. It also contains a link to, among others, beautiful women at South Korean auto shows from The Lost Nomad's 'Babes' page. Hot damn! Good stuff there.

    I also discovered this older Iceland and Icelandic women post from Jet Set Lara, linked to from this story (via Postmodern Courtesan).

    The Icelandic women post also has a link to models from
    the land of hot springs and Nordic women.

    Looks like time for a holiday to you-know-where :)