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  • Dictator's daughter


    Sorry, nothing sexy about this particular Uzbek. At least not for this post. There's no catch in the title 'Dictator's daughter'.

    The above photo is of one Gulnara Karimova, a daughter of Uzbekistan's president (-for-life-until-he-dies), Islam Karimov.

    It is found in this article, 'Uzbekistan President's daughter: Gulf pimp or shrewd business woman'.

    These and other reports like it are a few years old, but they indicate that this woman endorses and even encourages the trafficking of women to places like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - given that Karimova controls Uzbekistan's Ministry of Tourism and travel agencies that control and allow the issuing of visas to traffickers and women, from her country to the UAE, to ply their trade.

    I've been meaning to blog about this for a while. Now, I'm no saint. Goodness knows that I and many like me have indulged in many of these illicit activities. But I'm reminded time and again that much of these are due to state corruption and complicity at the highest levels.

    And in this case, it's found in as high a level as you can get.

    I'm not saying that so-called developed or democratic countries are any better (actually some are much better, but that's not the point). However some have at least better protection of its women (and men and children) from human traffickers. If the reports still hold true though, then Uzbekistan is far from one of those countries.


    Read more here:

    Trafficking in Persons in Central Asia: The Scope of the Problem and the Appropriate Responses (2006)